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The fight to save Wakulla Springs

Last week my family visited one of Florida’s ecological jewels, Wakulla Springs in north Florida, which I’ve enjoyed visiting since I was a kid (that’s my daughter and grandson pictured). It is the world’s largest and deepest spring, abundant in wildlife, and connected to the Floridan Aquifer, the source of drinking water for many Floridians.

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Banned Book of the Week: “Catch-22”

NEW BOOK BAN: As Oppenheimer brings a WWII related story to theatres, Orange County schools have REJECTED the satirical WWII novel Catch-22 for all grades. Anti-education laws enacted by Gov. DeSantis continue to remove classic literature from schools.

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Banning books, rewriting history

Since we first sounded the alarm on Gov. DeSantis’ escalating crusade to ban books, even more beloved titles have been challenged in school districts across Florida, prompting the authors themselves to take notice and speak out.

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