Our Projects

Runaway Rubio

Despite many years of representing Florida in the US Senate, it’s hard to connect with Sen. Marco Rubio. Working with Florida Watch, we produced RunawayRubio.com which showcases Sen. Rubio’s record.

People First Report Card

Providing Floridians with easy to access information about how their state representatives and senators are voting on a wide range issues affecting them.

Floridians For Reproductive Freedom

Providing critical support and infrastructure to the leading state coalition educating and advocating for the full range of reproductive health care – from abortion to birth control to evidence-based sex education.

Make A Plan To Vote

Helping Floridians in both English and Spanish make their plan to vote by providing easy online options to register to vote, sign up to vote by mail, vote early, or vote on Election Day.

Self-managed Abortion, Safe & Supported

A TRAIN-THE-TRAINER WEBINAR offered monthly for reproductive rights advocates to learn how to effectively and legally spread information about self-managed abortion with pills.

Daily Clips

Each weekday morning, Progress Florida delves through dozens of news sources across the state and nation, with a discerning eye for the stories that matter to Floridians, and send a single news clips digest directly to your inbox in an easy to read format. If you want to stay current on Florida news and politics, you can’t start your day without Daily Clips.