Self-Managed Abortion: Safe & Supported

The reproductive rights movement is fighting to defend the legal right to abortion care, but now more than ever, we must fully claim the power to determine our own reproductive destinies. People are already using abortion pills on their own to end their pregnancies at home. The pills are safe and effective, but accurate information and support is needed.

Train-the-trainer workshops: Self-managed Abortion, Safe & Supported (SASS)

Our SASS events are 2-hour train-the-trainer events hosted by Progress Florida. These offer exciting opportunities for abortion and reproductive rights advocates to learn how to effectively and legally spread information about self-managed abortion with pills. Please note, statements expressed by trainers during SASS events constitute neither medical or legal advice.

Every person should have the power and resources to determine their own reproductive futures—whether it is continuing a pregnancy to parent or ending a pregnancy— reproductive justice demands it!

Upcoming SASS Webinar:

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 @ 5:15pm-7:15pm EDT
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Learn about Self-Managed Abortion: Safe & Supported