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Guacamole of death

It’s lime green. It’s thick as guacamole. It smells worse than raw sewage. It can be seen from space. This is the giant algae bloom sloshing ashore our Treasure Coast beaches and waterways – killing wildlife, damaging local economies, and threatening public health.

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New oil drilling…in the Everglades?

A new oil drilling operation has been proposed in the eastern Everglades, and we need your help to stop it. Oil drilling threatens not only Everglades restoration, but also imperiled wildlife and south Florida’s drinking water.

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“Finish the job” on Amendment 1

On June 1st, legislators will return for a special session and get a “do over” to put together the state budget. Rally in your community May 30th and tell your legislators to “Finish The Job” and fund Amendment 1.

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