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“I don’t think they care…it’s scary.”

This past week the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times published a shocking investigative news story on Rick Scott’s Department of Health and how they delayed for months notifying Floridians their well water had been contaminated with dangerous cancer-causing chemicals.

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Guacamole of death

It’s lime green. It’s thick as guacamole. It smells worse than raw sewage. It can be seen from space. This is the giant algae bloom sloshing ashore our Treasure Coast beaches and waterways – killing wildlife, damaging local economies, and threatening public health.

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Don’t Frack Florida

Two bills proposed in the Florida Legislature by Rep. Ray Rodrigues (R-Estero) would make it easier for oil and gas companies to conduct fracking in our state. We’re strongly against this legislation, and sent out an action this morning.

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