Make The Call To Expand Health Care

By Ray Seaman - September 23, 2013

As Florida's legislators return to Tallahassee to begin weeks of committee meetings, we're joining with our allies in the Health Care For Florida Now coalition to continue the pressure to expand health care access to more than one million uninsured Floridians. We sent the below email out this morning:


As you read this, 1.2 million hard-working, uninsured Floridians are one-illness away from bankruptcy, forced to use emergency rooms for primary care and are being refused the benefits of our nation’s new health care law. Why? Because the Florida legislature has refused federal funding to expand health care to these families in dire need.

Also as you read this, the Florida Legislature has just returned to Tallahassee to once again debate this critical issue and others.

Call 866-443-1844 today and tell your state representative that it is time to stop playing politics and expand health care for more than one million hard-working Floridians.

Earlier this year, Florida legislators rejected critical federal funds which would have provided health care to working families in dire need of coverage, and create jobs. Gov. Rick Scott and his legislative allies failed to bring back our federal tax dollars to our state, contributing to the staggering figure of 4 million Floridians with no health care insurance, second only to Texas.

Making our state legislature’s blocking actions even more absurd, this new funding would have led to a huge economic boost for Florida. With the federal government fully funding the cost of newly covered Floridians for three years and then covering 90 percent or more of the cost each year after, we would have seen a resulting addition of thousands of health care related and ancillary jobs across the state.

Enough is enough! Call 866-443-1844 today and urge your state representative to expand health care for more than one million hard-working Floridians.

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, yet Gov. Scott and his Tea Party aligned allies in the legislature continue to thwart its implementation at every turn. Earlier this month, Scott’s Department of Health even went so far as to ban health care outreach counselors, called Navigators, from educating and enrolling needy Floridians at county health clinics.

The Affordable Care Act is having a tangible, positive impact in many peoples’ lives, providing the security of affordable health care desperately needed by so many Americans. But if Gov. Rick Scott and legislative leadership has their way, thousands of Florida families will be denied the critical insurance coverage they need. We can’t let that happen.

It’s time for Gov. Scott and his allies in the legislature to quit putting partisan politics above the health of hard–working Florida families. Send a powerful message to lawmakers right now by calling 866–443–1844 and making your voice heard on this life and death issue.

For a better Florida,

Mark and the progress Florida team