We Must Prepare for Abortion Access to Change in FL

One month from now, the landscape of abortion access may change, for Floridians and all those in the southeast who count on Florida for care. How did we get here?

Oral arguments for the 15-week ban lawsuit begin on September 8th at the Florida Supreme Court. If the court decision undermines our personal right to privacy, the six-week near-total ban enacted by Gov. DeSantis and his legislative allies will be triggered into effect 30 days later. 

This moment doesn’t call for us to panic, it calls for us to prepare, and go on offense.

Here’s how:

  • Give voters a voice. Floridians Protecting Freedom, the campaign to get abortion on the ballot, has real momentum. Not only has the campaign collected over 600,000 petitions towards the goal of 1.25 million total, but over 100,000 are from volunteers. This is our best shot to stop government interference in our personal medical decisions around abortion, and our grassroots people power simply can’t slow down.
  • Center the truth about access. Abortion is currently legal up to 15 weeks in Florida and it’s crucial that our communities have access to accurate information. Abortionfinder.org stays up-to-date with current legal restrictions and lists legitimate providers while weeding out anti-abortion pregnancy centers.
    • The Repro Legal Helpline can help with questions around access, self-managed abortion, and the judicial bypass process for minors.
    • PlanCPills.org has resources to access medication abortion and how-to’s on self-managed abortion; many services are now free for those in need.
    • Floridians for Reproductive Freedom has links to local abortion funds providing financial and logistical assistance for folks to be able to access abortion. They need our support more than ever as we prepare for the harsh realities of a six-week ban in Florida.
  • Grow our coalition. After a devastating year for health care in our state, we know the road ahead will demand more from us and more of us to protect our rights to make personal medical decisions, from birth control to abortion to supported parenting and gender affirming care. 

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We cannot take this next month, or each other, for granted. It’s time to give it all we’ve got.

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