They’re lying about Planned Parenthood

On Tuesday, a shady anti-abortion group, deceivingly named “Center for Medical Progress,” released a second video that—like a similar video released last week—manipulates footage to falsely portray a Planned Parenthood official discussing the price of fetal tissue.

Don’t believe the lies. These videos are part of a long-term, concerted campaign to undermine safe and legal abortion care and target abortion providers. Anti-abortion extremists are hurling these false accusations and attacks against Planned Parenthood in an attempt to discredit, harass, and stigmatize women and their doctors.

Below is a message from Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards. Share this video with your friends and family and let them know you stand with Planned Parenthood.

Republican politicians are shamelessly promoting these sham videos as an excuse to use taxpayer funds—your money—to investigate Planned Parenthood.

Our friends and allies at Planned Parenthood provide essential health care services to millions of women. The extreme right and their allies will stop at nothing to intrude into women’s personal medical decisions. We’ll stand with Planned Parenthood and against these extremists at every turn.

PS: Who’s behind this shady smear campaign against Planned Parenthood anyway? Check out this infographic to learn more