The Best Legi$lature Money Can Buy

From Florida For All:

A new report analyzing millions in corporate campaign contributions calls Florida’s Ron DeSantis-dominated Legislature “the best state legislature money can buy,” benefiting corporate donors at the expense of everyday Floridians’ prosperity.

Though Governor DeSantis and his allies worked overtime to distract and divide Floridians with manufactured crises and dangerous culture wars, the DeSantis Legislature spent most of the two-month Florida legislative session supporting tax breaks and other policies that help corporations further pad their profits at the expense of consumers and everyday Floridians.

Some of the key findings of the report include: 

• Corporate donors like Florida Crystals and U.S. Sugar; Florida Power & Light, HCA Healthcare, Walt Disney World, Florida Blue, Geo Group, Wal-Mart, and developers like The Vestcor Companies, among dozens of others, all benefited with the passage of priority legislation, costing Florida consumers.

• The DeSantis Legislature ensured passage of several permanent tax breaks and budget earmarks benefiting their large corporate donors, while failing to invest in affordable housing, childcare, mass transit, and other skyrocketing costs impacting Floridians’ lives.

• The DeSantis Legislature voted down a proposal to close corporate tax loopholes exploited by multinational companies, siding with big-business front groups which have given millions to DeSantis and his legislative allies, costing Floridians $500 million a year. 

 •Governor DeSantis and his allies did the bidding of wealthy corporate donors by killing dozens of policy proposals to solve Florida’s skyrocketing rents, property insurance hikes, and unemployment system. 

Since taking office, Governor Ron DeSantis and his legislative allies have given more than $5.7 billion in corporate tax giveaways. That’s more than six times what the DeSantis Legislature has invested in making housing more affordable for Floridians.

Tax Day is an opportunity for us to call on pur elected leaders to make sure corporations pay their fair share. Our state tax dollars should be invested in housing, infrastructure, clean air and water, education, and healthcare, not wasted on handout and subsidies that only benefit large corporate donors. We have the receipts, and we demand a refund. 

Learn more and download the full report by our allies at Florida for All, here: