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Women's Health

Floridians For Reproductive Freedom's Letter To Gov. Scott

By Damien Filer - October 12, 2016
"We urge you to coordinate efforts with local health departments and other public health entities in order to effectively promote available resources and coordinate preventive care efforts, as well as earmarking a portion of any federal funds to expand resources for family planning education and services."

Get politics out of the exam room

By Julie Hauserman - March 30, 2015

Women shouldn't have to unnecessarily postpone access to an abortion for 24 hours. SB 724 has no basis in science, and in some parts of Florida, this could mean as much as 400 miles and eight hours of travel to get access to care.

This prepostrous bill needs to be stopped. Call key members of the Senate Health Policy Committee today and tell them to vote NO on SB 724.

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