Stop this dirty, dangerous energy bill

Florida may be ground zero for the most disastrous impacts of climate change and a warming planet, but you wouldn’t know it based on new laws pushed by the leadership of the Florida Legislature.

A far-reaching energy bill (HB1645/SB1624) on deck for final votes by state lawmakers this week would, among other sweeping changes:

  • Eliminate policies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Delete most references to “climate change” in Florida statutes
  • Prevent communities from having a say on methane gas facilities in their own backyards
  • Promote construction of more greenhouse gas producing pipelines
  • Ban offshore wind energy
  • Increase Floridians’ electric utility bills by allowing utilities to charge for methane facility relocation

Click here to send a letter to your state legislators in opposition to this awful energy bill that will have a devastating impact on Florida communities, our environment, and economy.

Promoting dirty fossil fuels while restricting the expansion of clean, renewable, affordable energy technology is exactly the wrong kind of energy policy for Florida.

You probably won’t be shocked that the Miami Herald reported this legislation was drafted by a fossil fuel company, Chesapeake Energy. We need the collective voice of we, the people, to drown out the influence of the dirty energy companies shaping energy policy in our state.

Urge your representatives to oppose HB 1645/SB 1624.

Thank you for fighting alongside us for a cleaner, safer, more affordable Florida.