Stop the Gun Violence Expansion Bill

“To me, it’s clear that this legislation, at this moment in time, is more about politics than public safety. And when politics takes precedent over public safety, it is very dangerous for all of us.” – Orange County Sheriff John Mina

According to the anti-gun violence group Giffords, Florida averages one gun death every three hours and a child gets shot every 17 hours. Yet despite the epidemic of gun violence in our state, Gov. Ron DeSantis and his allies in the state Legislature are pushing a “permitless carry” bill that would allow individuals to carry loaded, concealed handguns in public areas without first going through a commonsense background check or any training.

Every Floridian should have the freedom to live without the threat of being harmed by gun violence. This legislation jeopardizes Floridians’ safety by making it much easier for people with dangerous histories of criminal violence and domestic abuse to carry hidden loaded guns in public. 

The permitless carry gun legislation is moving quickly through the Legislature – voice your opposition to these dangerous bills (SB 150 and HB 543) right now. Click here to send a message of opposition to Florida lawmakers.

Given the threat to public safety, it is no surprise polling finds permitless carry laws deeply unpopular: more than 80% of gun owners, non-gun owners, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents across the nation agree that high safety standards are crucial in issuing concealed carry permits, according to the John Hopkins School of Health. This legislation does little to advance freedom of responsible gun ownership but does threaten freedom from gun violence. Floridians widely support permits, background checks, and training requirements that are essential for responsible gun ownership.

Florida needs reasonable requirements on gun access that keep our kids and our communities safe in schools, places of worship, grocery stores, movie theaters, and when walking down the street, not more weapons in our neighborhoods.

Gov. DeSantis and Republican leadership in the Florida Legislature have shown their hypocrisy on this issue by making sure this new law will forbid guns from their own campaign rallies, and the Florida Capitol Building, where their lives could be in danger – even while they push this reckless law that puts you and I at greater risk.

Join the wave of opposition to permitless carry by urging your state lawmakers to vote against this dangerous and unpopular bill – SB 150 and HB 543.

Thanks for joining us in taking action for a Florida free from gun violence.