Statement of Progress Florida Reproductive Freedom Program Director Amy Weintraub, on Gov. Ron DeSantis signing a near-total abortion ban

“Floridians from across the political spectrum, and all walks of life, have expressed in every way possible fierce opposition to having the right to control our own bodies taken away. But Gov. DeSantis and his allies have ignored public opinion and insist on inserting themselves into the exam room and the personal decisions a pregnant person should have the freedom to make themselves.

“Anti-abortion politicians have ignored concerns about patients needing abortion care who may not have even known they were pregnant before six weeks, or were unable to navigate all the other hurdles put in their way by politicians to access care in time. 

“Anti-abortion politicians have ignored concerns for patients with wanted pregnancies who have complications that could put their lives in danger if care is delayed or withheld because of doctors’ fear of legal repercussions for practicing the evidence-based care they are ethically required to provide.

“Politicians like Ron DeSantis think they can disregard the health and well being of Floridians in service of their own political ambitions, but we will continue to stand up, speak out and advocate for our bodily autonomy in the so-called ‘free’ state of Florida until we win back the right to make our own futures.”