Standing Up To ALEC

Today is a national day of action to Stand Up To ALEC. The American Legislative Exchange Council, a secretive organization bringing corporate lobbyists together with state legislators, has outsized influence on lawmaking in a multitude of states throughout the country. ALEC’s notirous “model legislation” developed by lobbyists and legislators meeting behind closed doors has been used to weaken labor rights, land and water rules, consumer protections, and more.

Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo writes in today’s Context Florida about how far this insidious influence goes and the need to curb this kind of corporate control over our government:

Last month, The Guardian newspaper brought to light internal ALEC documents that illustrate just how far ALEC is willing to go to maintain and increase their grip on state legislatures across the country, including Florida’s.

Among the newly disclosed memos was a proposed ALEC loyalty oath that, if adopted, would have asked legislators who are also ALEC state directors to swear: “I will act with care and loyalty and put the interests of the organization first.”

If a proposal to ask elected officials to swear to put the interests of ALEC sponsors such as AT&T, ExxonMobil and Pfizer ahead of their constituents isn’t an abhorrent corporate subjugation of democracy, what is?

Be sure to read the full article at Context Florida and then take action at Stand Up To ALEC today.