Rick Kriseman For St. Pete Mayor

I’m writing today, not only as the director of Progress Florida, but as someone raised and living in St. Petersburg with a strong love for the Sunshine City. Nothing less than the future of our community is at stake in the upcoming mayoral election.

I’m writing today, not only as the director of Progress Florida, but as someone raised and living in St. Petersburg with a strong love for the Sunshine City. Nothing less than the future of our community is at stake in the upcoming mayoral election. 

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th, and it’s critical that you vote. When you do, I hope you will cast your ballot for Rick Kriseman. (If you’ve already voted by mail, great! Please share this message with friends and family who haven’t voted yet.) 

Mayor Kriseman has been fighting for St. Pete residents’ best interests from City Hall to the State Capitol for well over a decade and he has done so with a firm grasp of the issues, a passion for improving our neighborhoods, and a bold leadership style demonstrating his willingness to tackle tough problems. Here are just a few of Mayor Kriseman’s accomplishments and forward thinking positions:

  • Implemented a $300 million infrastructure plan to upgrade the city’s aging sewer system, the largest public works project in city history. This long-term investment will help deal with the impact of climate change, an issue Mayor Kriseman is passionate about addressing.
  • Mayor Kriseman supports the proposed “Defend our Democracy” ordinance to lessen the influence of big money and special interest money in our elections.
  • Mayor Kriseman vehemently opposes oil drilling off Pinellas County beaches and Florida’s coast. Under Kriseman’s leadership St. Petersburg became the first city in Florida to pledge to shift to 100% clean energy.
  • Mayor Kriseman is a strong supporter of equality. He’s always supported marriage equality, ending LGBT discrimination in the workplace, and proudly supports and marches in the annual St. Pete Pride Parade.
  • Mayor Kriseman ended St. Petersburg’s long and embarrassing run as the only major city in Florida without curbside recycling.
  • As a state legislator, Kriseman was a two-time recipient of Progress Florida’s “Middle Class Champion” Award. He won by having a 100% voting record on the issues impacting the protection and expansion of St. Petersburg’s middle class. 

These are just some of the reasons Mayor Kriseman deserves your vote and another term as Mayor. Here’s what you need to know for this critically important election:



VOTE EARLY: Early voting in the St. Petersburg general election runs from Saturday, October 28th through Sunday, November 5th at Supervisor of Elections Offices. Click here for early voting locations and times.

VOTE ON ELECTION DAY:  Polls are open 7am – 7pm on Election Day. Find your polling place by checking your Voter Information Card or click here to look up your polling location

WHAT TO BRING: A current and valid picture ID with a signature. Approved forms of valid IDs are listed here.

Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love this city and care about its future. I spent twelve years in Tallahassee seeing how government can work for the people and how some politicians work against our interests. I couldn’t wait to get back to my hometown of St. Pete and help local leaders like Rick Kriseman win office and fight for the people not just the powerful.

From improving our neighborhood schools to safeguarding our environment, from advocating for quality jobs and consumer protections to championing equality, Rick Kriseman has demonstrated his passion for moving our city forward and will continue to be the type of mayor the great city of St. Petersburg deserves. Please join me in voting to re-elect Mayor Kriseman.

Yours for a great St. Petersburg, 

Mark Ferrulo
Founder and Director of Progress Florida 

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