Reproductive Freedom

Working in close collaboration with our allies in the fight for reproductive freedom in Florida, Progress Florida is working to destigmatize abortion and advance the right to family planning and abortion care.

Specific reproductive rights issues and initiatives we’re engaged in include:

  1. Researching and deploying the latest and most effective abortion rights messaging that compels progressive and independent-minded Floridians to support abortion rights.
  2. A statewide public education and accountability campaign targeting fake women’s health centers and their efforts to deceive Florida women about comprehensive reproductive health care, particularly birth control and abortion.
  3. A proactive effort to convince policy-makers to adopt policies and programs that protect and expand a woman’s right to access abortion care.
  4. Reproductive rights movement building to lay the groundwork to defeat expected future attacks on abortion rights, including TRAP laws and expected future attacks on Florida’s constitutionally enshrined Privacy Clause.