Progress Florida & Florida Watch Statements on President Biden’s State of the Union Address

President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union Address in which he emphasized the historic job creation and economic growth under his administration. In response, Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo and Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach issued the following statements:

“President Biden has consistently delivered on pocketbook issues so crucial to helping Florida families succeed,” said Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach. “The President’s focus on building the economy from the bottom up and middle out, and not the top down, has resulted in the lowest unemployment rate in 54 years and given more Floridians the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe. We stand with the President’s economic agenda which puts families first by reducing the deficit without cutting Social Security or Medicare, and ensures the largest corporations and wealthiest Americans finally pay their fair share.”

“Floridians have benefited greatly from President Biden’s successful economic agenda,” said Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo. “His efforts to help Florida families prosper stand in stark contrast to the dangerous policies promoted by Republicans like Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Rick Scott, who continue putting the interests of their corporate donors ahead of everyday Floridians. DeSantis is preoccupied fighting culture wars instead of helping Floridians afford necessities like housing, while Sen. Scott is fixated on ending Social Security and Medicare, critical programs relied on by millions of Floridians. We need more leaders like President Biden who will put Floridians’ health, safety, and real-life needs first.”