Politicians playing doctor (again)

HB 633 has nothing to do with women’s health and everything to do with putting politics between women and their doctors.

Republicans in Tallahassee are once again shamelessly putting politics between women and their doctors. HB 633 would force women to wait for 24 hours to have an abortion, even after state-mandated counseling. This has nothing to do with women’s health, and it’s shameful and wrong.

Use the numbers below to call key members of the House Health Quality Committee today and tell them you oppose House Bill 633. This bill will be voted on in committee tomorrow morning.

Representative Rene Plasencia
(850) 717-5049

Representative Gregory Steube
(850) 717-5073

Representative Patrick Rooney, Jr.
(850) 717-5085

Representative Chris Sprowls
(850) 717-5065 

Representative Mike Miller
(850) 717-5047

Ending a pregnancy is a difficult decision that should be left between women, their family, their doctor, and their faith. Republican legislators have no business whatsoever mandating a 24 hour waiting period. We know what this is: another cynical attempt to shame, coerce, and judge women.
Call these legislators today and tell them to vote NO on HB 633.