Pick The Right Battles

We’re at a pivotal junction in history. Trumpism – and its agenda of fear and division embodied by Ron DeSantis (in a more polished coating) – threatens our freedoms and representative democracy. It can feel overwhelming at times with so many critical battles needing attention.

But here’s the thing: despite the frustrations, disappointments, and cynicism of our time, it’s inspiring to see the amount of grassroots energy from everyday Floridians like you who are pushing through these obstacles and rising to meet this moment. Trump and his allies are reeling from multiple defeats at the hands of grassroots opposition across the country. Here in Florida, the political landscape is a bigger challenge and we’ve faced some tough setbacks.

The key for Florida progressives in 2023 is to strategically focus our energy on winning the hearts and minds of more of our fellow Floridians, leverage that support to win critical policy battles, and then use those policy wins as a springboard to elect better people to office. Today, I’m asking you to help provide us the needed resources to organize, fight, and win.

Will you make a $15 contribution or more as part of #GivingTuesday and fuel the fight to win big progressive victories in 2023? Make it a monthly contribution if you can. We can’t afford not to fight back during this critical time for our state and our country.

This year, thanks to your support and activism, and in collaboration with our allies across the state, we:

  • Successfully helped lead opposition to one of the largest environmental threats facing Florida: a massive toll highway cutting through rural and wild Florida’s Nature Coast region called the Northern Turnpike Extension. We’ve dubbed it the “Road To Ruin,” and so far, we are winning the fight to defeat it. 
  • Continued the fight to protect reproductive freedom and access to abortion throughout our state. We’re going on offense with a ramped up “Abortion On Our Own Terms” campaign educating everyday Floridians about self-managed abortion and how they can make a difference in the fight to control our own destinies.
  • With our allies at Florida Watch, we issued the People First Report Card – giving every Floridian access to their state legislators’ voting record on major issues affecting them, their family, and their community. Together, we’ll continue to hold our elected officials accountable for how they vote.

There’s so much more possible next year if we fight hard and smart, picking the right battles and campaigns to maximize grassroots progressive energy. We’re ready, with your help, to mobilize our tens of thousands of supporters in communities throughout Florida to fight back and win in 2023. Will you contribute right now to help make that happen?

Help ensure Florida progressives don’t miss out on the many opportunities to fight back and win progress in 2023. Make a $15 or more contribution this #GivingTuesday. Make it monthly if you can to keep us fighting throughout the year non-stop.

With your help and support we’ll continue to build progressive power throughout Florida and move our state forward in 2023.