No Roads to Ruin

We are fighting for our state’s future by working to stop this toll road debacle in its tracks. The Florida Department of Transportation is proposing a toll road starting at Wildwood that could have devastating impacts on mostly rural Levy, Marion, Citrus, and Sumter counties. Folks living in these counties are at risk of being displaced entirely. The Progress Florida Education Institute is a proud members of the “No Roads to Ruin” coalition. 

This coalition was formed in response to a bill passed in 2019 to authorize the construction of three new toll roads through the remainder of rural Florida. The coalition’s efforts were instrumental in the 2020 repeal of portions of these toll roads, but the so-called “Northern Turnpike Extension’ remains a threat. If built, it would cut through sensitive conservation lands, horse trails, farms, residential neighborhoods, aquifer recharge areas, and springsheds. 

There is no proof that there is a need for any of these routes. We stand with our coalition in opposition to any “alternative” outcomes. Any “less offensive” outcome will harm critical wildlands, agricultural lands, and springsheds. 

What we are working to accomplish:

  1.  Delegitimizing FDOT’s project development process and exposing it for the sham that it is. 
  2. Demonstrating the widespread public opposition to the proposed toll roads by local residents in the pathway of the potential routes. 
  3. Lobbying local elected officials within impacted municipalities and counties to take a decisive stand opposing what is left of the M-CORES threat (the Northern Turnpike Extension and sprawl-inducing changes to US 19/98).

Here is what you can do:

The coalition has compiled a list of petitions, links for public meetings and local government, and resources that will help you organize and protect your community and protect our diverse environment.