Housing Crisis: Floridians Can’t Afford Florida

TALLAHASSEE — When Governor Ron DeSantis stood in front of the Legislature for his State of the State address to kick off session on January 11th, he gave a speech focused not on the needs of working Floridians, but aimed instead directly at presidential primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. For more than a half hour, the Governor described a litany of culture war issues he was focused on fighting over the next 60 days while proclaiming that Florida was the “freest state in the nation.” 

However, the Governor’s red meat rhetoric never once touched on the greatest issue facing the working families in our state: the skyrocketing cost of housing. Across our state, Floridians are struggling with unheard of hikes in rents and rising property insurance costs after 20 years of Republican failure to address these issues. The situation has grown so dire that 24 Democratic lawmakers sent the Governor a letter in December asking him to declare a state of emergency on housing and cap rent increases at 10% using the state’s price gouging protections.  

In fact, Governor DeSantis and Republican leadership in Tallahassee responded to this ongoing crisis by permanently slashing the Sadowski affordable housing trust fund in half last year. Now, in a year where Florida has a reported $15 billion sitting in reserves, it is time for real action on workforce housing affordability.

While the Governor was busy this month focusing on his own political ambitions, hardworking Floridians continued to struggle to be able to afford a roof over their heads

Below is a list of stories from Pensacola to Key West – just from January – highlighting the housing crisis that Governor DeSantis continues to ignore.

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