Governor’s State of the State Address: Our Response

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis gave the annual State of the State address to kick off the 2022 legislative session. 

In response, Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo and Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach issued the following statements:

“While Floridians are looking for solutions to the many crises facing our state, what they heard today from Governor Ron DeSantis was just more of the same far-right policies aimed at caucus goers in Iowa,” said Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo. “The price of housing is out of control, with property insurance rates and rents skyrocketing throughout the state, but this Governor is laser focused on his own political aspirations rather than offering real relief to the people he was elected to serve. Over the next 60 days, Floridians will make their voices heard to let this Governor and his extremist Republican legislative allies know that their agenda to put personal ambition and the needs of their corporate donors first is out of step with the people of our great state.”

“Many Floridians are working two or three jobs just to pay their rent or utility bill, yet Governor Ron DeSantis remains focused on the needs of one person: Ron DeSantis,” said Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach. “Working families are worried about the rising cost of housing and access to affordable health care, but Governor DeSantis continues to stick to his agenda of corporate handouts to his presidential campaign donors and red-meat stunts that fail to meet the needs of everyday people. Today’s State of the State was another shameful example of this Governor’s misplaced priorities which will do nothing to increase housing security, lower utility bills, or expand access to health care to more Floridians but will guarantee he continues to have regular appearances on FOX News.”