DeSantis Watch Launches Full Website to Kick-Off General Election Accountability Project

TALLAHASSEE — Today, DeSantis Watch, a joint effort of Florida Watch and Progress Florida, has launched a full website as part of an aggressive General Election accountability project against Governor Ron DeSantis. will offer a range of tools to the public, in both English and Spanish, including videos, graphics, and original research that highlight all the ways that Ron DeSantis’ relentless focus on his own personal ambition and drive to do the bidding of his billionaire and corporate donors are fueling the ongoing affordability crisis facing Floridians. 

Through The Watchtower, DeSantis Watch will dig into the high-dollar donors investing in the Governor’s political career and how those contributions may be impacting the day-to-day lives of Floridians who are struggling under massive rent increases, skyrocketing property insurance rates, and stagnant wages that continue to fall far short of national averages. The Watchtower will be updated as new research is generated by DeSantis Watch, including a forthcoming donation tracker to follow in real-time the amount of money being raised by the Governor and the top industries lining his campaign coffers.

See the first two Watchtower posts below:

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Visitors to will also be able to see in real time the Top 5 individual and corporate donors to Ron DeSantis when visiting the homepage.

The homepage also offers a color coded map of all the states the Governor has traveled to, either to visit his billionaire buddies for fundraisers or to appeal to extreme presidential primary voters, that will be updated every time Ron once again abandons Florida to serve his own political ambitions.

For members of the public interested in the Governor’s positions on problems that actually impact their lives, not the endless culture war battles Ron DeSantis engages in to distract from his failure to improve their lives, the Issues section provides them with this resource.

In order to ensure voters are able to mobilize at the grassroots level to defeat the Governor in November, the Get Involved tab offers a widget to check your voter registration and make a plan to vote, as well as a one-click tool offering sample social media posts those visiting the site can use to spread the word about holding Ron DeSantis accountable.

The Media portion of the website contains a vault of videos and graphics for voters to utilize on social media as well.

“No politician in the country spends more time abandoning the people they were elected to serve in order to advance their own personal ambitions than Ron DeSantis,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “With the full launch of, we are proud to provide Floridians with the original resources they need to help hold Ron accountable for his failure as our state’s Governor. The time to fight back is now and DeSantis Watch is dedicated to ending Ron’s climb up the political ladder this November.”