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Health care, pandemic, and you

By Mark Ferrulo - August 11, 2021

Ten years ago, the Affordable Care Act made it easier than ever to get health insurance. Now, under the American Rescue Plan, President Biden has made it even easier by extending access to silver plans for no cost to anyone who has received unemployment assistance in the last year. President Biden understands that everyone deserves quality, affordable health care - especially during a pandemic.

That’s why he opened up a special enrollment period in the health care marketplace for everyone that goes until this Sunday, August 15th. If you or anyone you know doesn’t have health insurance, there’s still time to sign up. Find the plan that works best at

That’s right, those who’ve collected unemployment this year are eligible to obtain silver plans at NO COST! Many others can save through lower premiums, too. If you still haven’t signed up for a health care plan, get yourself and loved ones covered today at

ore than 413,000 Floridians who now have access to quality, affordable health care because of President Biden and Congressional Democrats. More people in Florida have signed up for ACA coverage than in any other state. To sign up or find out more information about what plans are available, go to!

Thank you for your commitment to building healthy communities,