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Florida just got a big boost from President Biden

By Mark Ferrulo - March 10, 2021

I don't need to tell you the last year has been extraordinarily tough for Floridians - but serious, substantial help is finally on the way. Today, Democrats in Congress passed President Biden's American Rescue Plan - providing $1.9 trillion in badly-needed COVID relief for our state and our nation. This historic bill is on it's way to the Oval Office for signing as I write this.

Watch this video about some of the big benefits we'll enjoy in the American Rescue Plan - then share it with your friends and family on social media (or, simply forward this email.)

Millions of Floridians have endured extreme economic and health related suffering during the pandemic due to the indifferent and incompetent response by former President Trump and the current administration of Gov. DeSantis. Our governor refused to issue a statewide mask mandate and undermined local officials who did, resulting in needless infections and deaths. When Floridians lost their jobs, they were met with a completely dysfunctional unemployment system. Small businesses saw little help from the state while big corporations received hundreds of millions in tax giveaways. As I write this, Floridians face confusion and unnecessary bureaucracy in getting life saving vaccines, stalling our recovery from COVID-19.

This is why President Biden's American Rescue Plan is so important - it's providing serious and substantial relief to Floridians in a number of key ways, including:

  • $1,400 stimulus payments for working class Americans
  • $300 monthly payments to families with children
  • Funding to accelerate vaccine distribution
  • Expanded unemployment support through September
  • Rental assistance
  • Small business aid, including $25 billion for bars and restaurants
  • Protection for essential workers from job cuts and layoffs

These changes and more will collectively get us through the end of the pandemic faster, accelerate our economic recovery, cut child poverty in half, and most importantly, begin to restore hope that representative government in America can rise to any challenge.

Share the big benefits of the American Rescue Plan with your friends and family today.

Thank you President Biden and Vice President Harris! Help is on the way.