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1 in 3 Florida COVID deaths happened here

By Mark Ferrulo - March 18, 2021

There are 702 nursing homes in Florida that house and care for our most vulnerable. And among all the tragic storylines we’ve endured during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fact that 1 in 3 deaths in Florida originated in nursing homes may be the most heartbreaking.

Floridians rely on these facilities to protect our cherished loved ones. Leaders in the Florida Legislature should be making them safer, and ensuring our loved ones are cared for with the very best in protective COVID-19, and other viruses, safety protocols.

Instead, the Florida Legislature is fast-tracking bills to shield negligent nursing home owners and their parent corporations from lawsuits. Instead of protecting Florida’s nursing home residents and caregivers, many lawmakers are backing the nursing home industry in this effort that will undermine safety accountability and block many of those harmed by negligence their day in court.

Take one minute to use AARP Florida’s Hotline to:
Call your State House representative: 1-844-220-5551
Call your State senator: 1-844-220-5528

SAMPLE MESSAGE: "I'm a voter in (say your city) and I want to urge my (representative or senator) to vote against SB 72 (if calling senator or HB 7005 if calling representative). I don't support making it harder to hold the nursing home industry accountable for negligence or short cuts in protecting their residents from COVID."

These bills, SB 72 and HB 7005 sponsored by Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) and Rep. Colleen Burton (R-Lakeland), let negligent nursing homes off the hook, providing liability immunity protections and severely weakening our ability to hold nursing home owners accountable for negligence that harms those in their care. Profits over patients. Unconscionable.

Call your state legislator today and tell them it’s time to represent our families, friends, and neighbors. Stand with us and help us fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Call your State House member: 1-844-220-5551
Call your State Senate member: 1-844-220-5528

Thank you for joining the fight for the most vulnerable among us.