1 million infected - time for leadership

By Mark Ferrulo - December 11, 2020

Florida's COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise with more than one million confirmed infections and more than 19,000 dead in Florida since February due in no small part to the failed leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Health care experts are urging citizens to wear face coverings at all times outside of the home, but Gov. DeSantis has refused to implement a statewide protective mask requirement. And throughout the pandemic, DeSantis has chosen to disregard health officials, attack critics and whistleblowers, and undermine the ability of local leaders to require mask-wearing. Enough is enough.

Progress Florida’s partner organization, Florida Watch, has released a video on Gov. Ron DeSantis’s failed leadership during this health care and economic crisis. Together, we’re joining health experts to call for a statewide mask requirement to protect Floridians from this deadly disease.

Call the Governor's Office at 850-717-9337. Tell Gov. DeSantis to do the right thing by issuing a statewide protective mask requirement.

As Florida’s hospitals become overwhelmed and more Florida businesses are forced to close, Gov. DeSantis continues to push a business as usual approach, despite the obvious danger and against the advice of public health experts. We can’t rebuild Florida’s economy until we get COVID-19 under control, but every day that Gov. DeSantis fails to enact a mask mandate means another day of heightened risk and uncertainty for Florida families and businesses.

Florida needs to get back to work and back to the classroom safely, and a statewide mask mandate is an important tool in that effort. In fact, Gov. DeSantis’s own staff recommended he do more to encourage use of protective face coverings.

Call Gov. DeSantis’s office at 850-717-9337 and urge him to implement a statewide protective mask requirement today.

Thank you for making your voice heard on this issue so important to the health and safety of Floridians.