5 ways to stay engaged while stuck at home

By Mark Ferrulo - April 4, 2020

If you’re like me, you’re self-isolating at home, following the latest coronavirus news, keeping close tabs on friends and family, and looking for ways to make a difference as this pandemic continues to upend lives. If you’re not stuck at home because your work requires you to help othersstay healthy, stay safe, stay informed or stay fed, THANK YOU for all you do.

I know, even in these trying times, you share our commitment to winning a better Florida. That’s why we’ve released a new video highlighting five things you and your friends can do to stay civically engaged while you’re stuck at home:

  • Make a plan to vote – Did you know you can register to vote, update your registration, or sign up to vote by mail, all online (no leaving home required)? It’s safe and convenient. Go to MakeAPlanToVote.com to get started.

  • Complete the census – It only takes a few minutes to complete, well worth the time to ensure critical federal resources for schools, hospitals, and transportation flow to our communities, and our political voice is fully represented in Congress. Complete your census form here.

  • Stay informed – Go to ProgressFlorida.org/DailyClips to sign up for our free Daily Clips service. Every weekday morning you’ll get a hand-curated digest of news you can use, from the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic to Florida politics and the key issues of the day.
  • Research your elected officials – Do you know who your state representative and senator are and how they vote on the issues you care about? Go to FloridaReportCard.com to see key votes from 2019…and stay tuned for updates on votes from the 2020 legislative session that just ended…coming soon.

  • Take action – Put your state legislators, member of Congress and U.S. senators’ contact information in your phone’s contact list. And sign up today to receive our action alerts on the issues you care about at www.ProgressFlorida.org.

Bonus action: support a charity helping those most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We recommend supporting your local food bank.

Just because we’re stuck at home and dealing with new challenges doesn’t mean we can’t still make a difference. Please take a few minutes to do one or more of these five things and then share this video to help others take action themselves.

Together, we can stay safe and all do our part to move Florida forward.