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Stop this attack on Florida's LGBTQ community

By Mark Ferrulo - February 1, 2020

In a surprise and unconscionable move, the Florida Legislature’s House Health Quality Subcommittee has decided to consider legislation that would criminalize doctors for providing life-saving care to transgender youth. It's one of the biggest attacks on Florida's LGBTQ community in years and I'm asking for your immediate help in stopping this terrible bill. The committee will hear this legislation on Monday, February 3rd so we must act fast.

Send a letter to all committee members right away urging them to vote NO on HB 1365, the transgender youth medical care ban. 

HB 1365 threatens doctors with 15 years in prison for providing life-saving care to transgender youth. It's an outrageous attack, and one cruelly focused on our state's most vulnerable youth.

This terrible bill comes at a time of unprecedented attacks on transgender Americans by both the Trump Administration and conservative legislatures across the country.

The targeting of transgender people is all the more shameful given Florida’s recent history of deadly violence against the trans community. In less than two years, seven Black trans women have been brutally murdered — making Florida ground zero for the murders of Black transgender women in the country. 

Instead of denouncing transphobic hate and violence, the Florida Legislature, led by bill sponsors Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-Howey-in-the-Hills) and Sen. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala), have decided to double down by putting trans youth at risk. Growing up transgender is challenging enough — and without adequate support, consequences can be tragic. Medical professionals, NOT politicians, should decide what medical care is in the best interest of a patient. 

Today, help us protect trans kids by telling legislators to vote NO on HB 1365 when it comes up for a vote on Monday. 

Thank you for standing up and speaking out for Florida's trans youth along with equality and civil rights for all Floridians.

PS: To learn more about this bill, check out this article in the Florida Phoenix.