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Pick the right battles

By Mark Ferrulo - December 3, 2019

I’m sure I'm not telling you anything you don’t already know when I say this is a big moment in our nation’s history. Trumpism, and the increasing power of corporate money and influence threatens the future of representative democracy in our state and our country. I know I feel overwhelmed at times with the number of critical battles needing attention, and I’m sure you’ve felt the same way.

But here’s the thing: despite the frustrations, disappointments, and cynicism of our time, it’s incredible to see the amount of grassroots energy from everyday Floridians like you who are pushing through these obstacles and rising to meet this moment. President Trump and his allies in Congress are reeling from multiple defeats at the hands of grassroots progressive power. Here in Florida, we’ve gained ground in some areas but faced tough setbacks elsewhere. The key for Florida progressives in 2020 is to strategically focus our energy on a handful of races and issue fights so we can change the policymaking landscape and lay the groundwork for many victories in the years ahead. Today, I’m asking you to help provide our movement needed resources to organize, fight, and win.

Make a $15 contribution or more as part of #GivingTuesday and fuel the fight to focus and win big progressive victories in 2020. Make it a monthly contribution if you can. We can’t afford not to fight back during this critical time for our state and our country.

There are several big opportunities to fight back against the far right and win progress for everyday Floridians. Here are just a few we’re engaged in:

  • Cut through the noise and help Floridians make informed votes: President Trump’s impeachment, congressional hearings, and the presidential race will dominate the news in 2020. Nonetheless, Floridians will need to make informed votes on constitutional amendments and state-level races too, and information on these ballot choices are not always easy to come by. We’re filling the void with our People’s First Legislative Report Card and our Informed Voters’ Ballot Guide, and we’ll need your help to spread this information far and wide.
  • Stop unneeded toll roads and oil drilling to protect our environment: We’re continuing the fight to stop Florida’s “Roads to Ruin” rural toll roads boondoggle and attempts by the Trump and DeSantis administrations to open up our state to dirty and dangerous oil drilling. In order to avoid the most disastrous impacts of climate change, we must stop these efforts to further our dependence on dirty fossil fuel by mobilizing thousands of Floridians to fight back.
  • Save reproductive freedom: We were successful in helping to stop new state-level attacks on abortion rights and reproductive freedom this year, but make no mistake, our opponents are back with a vengeance. With three new conservative Florida Supreme Court justices, Floridians could see their reproductive rights taken away if the right case presents itself. Our work here along with our fight for fair and independent courts has never been more important. We’ll need your help to stop attacks on access to abortion from getting through the Florida Legislature, and we’ll need to mobilize more Floridians to join us.

As you know, there’s so much more that’s possible next year if we fight hard and smart, picking the right battles and campaigns to maximize grassroots progressive energy. We’re ready with your help to mobilize our tens of thousands of supporters in communities throughout Florida to fight back and win in 2020. Will you contribute right now to help make that happen?

Help ensure Florida progressives don’t miss out on the many opportunities to fight back and win progress in 2020. Make a $15 or more contribution this #GivingTuesday. Make it monthly if you can to keep us fighting throughout the year non-stop.

We know with your help and support we’ll continue to build progressive power throughout Florida and move our state forward in 2020.