Trump is funding fake clinics

By Amy Weintraub - October 4, 2019

There’s a bait and switch going on, spearheaded by anti-abortion extremists at the highest levels of government.

This summer the Trump administration imposed a “gag order” that dictates what a patient with an unintended pregnancy can be told if receiving care at a clinic funded by Title X funds. Doctors and nurses at these Family Planning centers are now banned from informing patients about all of their options or helping to find an abortion provider. The new rule resulted in a mass exodus of providers from the Title X program; these doctors and nurses refused to be gagged. Unfortunately, this has left tens of thousands of people without local access to this critical federal program.

What’s happening to all those dollars no longer going to comprehensive women’s health centers? Some of it has been diverted to anti-abortion fake clinics that use lies and deception to mislead women.1

Send a message now to your members of Congress, urging them to stop the Trump administration from funneling Title X funds to anti-abortion pregnancy centers.

One fake clinic receiving these funds is Obria, a California-based chain of clinics that discourages women from using hormonal birth control (like the pill) and instead promotes untested procedures like “abortion pill reversal.”2 Obria, like all anti-abortion pregnancy centers, is politically-motivated and biased. And, they do not fulfill the mission of the federal Family Planning program: ensuring people with low incomes can access reproductive health care.

Let’s make our voices heard.

Tell your Congressional Representatives to stop the Trump Administration from using Title X Family Planning funding for anti-abortion pregnancy centers.

Thanks for standing up,



1"Trump administration awards $1.7 million family planning grant to anti-abortion clinics", The Hill, 3/29/19.
2"Obria, the anti-abortion group that’s tapping into “wellness” culture, explained," Vox, 8/29/19.