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Hey Florida, we need to talk

By Mark Ferrulo - December 20, 2018

Going into 2019, it’s a time of unprecedented challenges to Florida’s environment, our voting rights, reproductive freedom, neighborhood public schools, and more. It’s going to take a strong, growing, and sustained grassroots movement of progressive Floridians to push back and not only defeat the worst attacks, but advance new ideas and policies to move Florida forward. With the support of Floridians like you, that’s exactly what we’re built to do.

This is a critical time for Florida’s, and we must organize, fight, and win in 2019. Donate $15 or more today and help fuel the fight for progressive victories in Florida.

Here’s how we’ll put your contribution to work:

  • Fight Florida’s right-wing establishment: As the 2019 legislative session gets underway, we’re on the lookout for special interest driven bills, particularly attempts to undermine Amendment 4’s voting rights reform, restrict abortion rights and reproductive freedom, damage public education, reduce access to health care, or threaten our environment. We’ll bring the fight to the State Capitol, but we need resources to do it.
  • Shine a light on our elected officials: As Florida’s elected representatives in Tallahassee make decisions and vote on critical legislation, we need to be there and hold them accountable. We’re looking to continue our important work with the People First Report Card and give Floridians easy to understand information on whether their state representative and senator are voting for the people or powerful special interests.
  • Build up our 24/7 rapid response operation: We must be able to respond fast to Florida’s right-wing establishment and its corporate money machine. With 113,000 Facebook and Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, and email activists, we have one of the most influential grassroots networks in the state, but we need resources to keep up the momentum, sharpen our tactics, and expand our reach.

We’ve been able to bring substantial grassroots power to bear in stopping right-wing attacks on the Affordable Care Act and extreme proposals to bring guns to college campuses while winning on issues such as blocking offshore oil drilling in state waters (Amendment 9 passed, yay!) and exposing anti-abortion fake clinics. We can do it again in 2019 with your support.

Fuel the fight to defend the Florida we love and move our state forward with a $15 contribution or more today.

Thanks for all your help in 2018 to move our state forward, and ensure a prosperous, progressive future for all Floridians.

For progress,

Mark and the rest of the Progress Florida team

PS: Make no mistake: this is a battle for the future of Florida, and we’re in it for the long haul. Make your contribution a monthly one to have the biggest impact and keep us fighting throughout 2019 non-stop.