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Not everyone knows what to do today

By Mark Ferrulo - November 6, 2018

You’ve probably been reminded it’s Election Day several times already today. This is not one of those messages.

Here’s the thing, not everyone has been paying attention or knows what to do today. That may be hard to believe given everything you’ve seen and heard recently, but ask anyone who’s making calls or knocking on doors for campaigns -- these people exist and you may know some of them.

This is where we need your help. Go to and share it with friends and family via email, Facebook, or Twitter right now. Let’s leave nothing to chance today and make sure everyone votes.

The best way to get someone off the sidelines and into their polling place is for them to receive a message from a friend or family member. That means on this critical day -- where several different elections here in Florida will be decided by just a handful of votes -- your voice is louder than ever.

Don’t wake up tomorrow morning wondering if you could have done more this election. Share right now and make sure everyone votes today.