Trump wants to stop Florida doctors from talking about abortion

By Amy Weintraub - July 17, 2018

For shame! Last month, the Trump administration proposed an appalling “gag rule” that would make it harder for low-income women to access primary and preventive care provided by health care providers participating in the Family Planning safety net program (often referred to as "Title X") If the rule is finalized, health care providers participating in the program will be banned from talking with patients about abortion care. We must fight back!

Submit an official comment U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) opposing the rule, right now.

Here’s a sample comment you can leave at the above official comment website:

I oppose the proposed "gag rule" that would prohibit ANY Title X health care provider from referring patients for abortion - even if that’s what the patient wants, and even if withholding that information threatens their health. It would destroy the trust between patients and doctors. And it would put the health care of the four million people who depend on Title X at risk.

Are you aware of Florida's Family Planning Program? It is a critical component of our health care delivery system, funded through federal dollars. Available to both males and females, including teens, in all 67 counties, the program operates through local county health departments and other contracted agencies.

Family Planning helps Floridians make informed decisions about using birth control and gives access to FDA-approved birth control methods and supplies, free or on a sliding scale. Offering pregnancy testing, pregnancy counseling, and physical examinations, Family Planning also screens patients for hypertension, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases. Follow-up and referral services, including abortion counseling, are core components of care - and will be undermined by Trump’s proposed federal gag rule.

Speak out now to ensure HHS knows the general public wants Family Planning patients to be able to receive needed information and referrals.

Please join us in resisting the gag rule. HHS will only accept comments until the end of July, leaving us with a short window to speak out against this oppressive proposal.

PS: Simply put, it's through Floridians like you we're able to stand up and fight back for reproductive freedom in Florida. Support this critical work to both protect and expand access to abortion care with a $15 contribution today.