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Hey fellow Floridian, what's your plan to vote?

By Mark Ferrulo - July 31, 2018

What’s your plan to vote in the fast-approaching 2018 elections? Did you know most Floridians can now register to vote online? Did you know voters can register to vote by mail online?

Millions of our fellow Floridians will be voting this year, so visit today and make your plan to vote. Please share the website with your friends and family.

If you or a Floridian you know needs to register to vote, we’re excited to announce that you can now do that entirely online at! All you need in addition to basic personal information is your current driver’s licence or state identification number. If you don’t have a current license, you can still use to download a pre-filled voter registration form to print out and mail to your county supervisor of elections office.

If you’re already registered to vote, you can sign up to vote by mail. Here are some benefits to voting by mail:

  • It’s fast, easy, and secure: After using our secure website to register to vote by mail, you’ll receive your ballot approximately a month before the election. Simply fill out your ballot, seal it in its envelope, sign the back of the envelope, mail it back and you’ve voted!
  • You’ll have time to research your ballot: Your ballot won’t just include the big races for US Senate, Governor, and Congress. Your ballot will also include state legislative races, thirteen state constitutional amendments, judges, local offices, and in some areas local ballot initiatives. Having your ballot before Election Day makes it much easier to research and make informed decisions before casting your vote.
  • Stop the robocalls and mailers: Once your ballot is mailed in, most campaigns will stop calling and mailing you because you’ve already voted. Of course, campaigns appreciate this too. By mailing your ballot early, they can focus precious time and resources on voters that are tougher to reach.

So what are you waiting for?

Your vote is your voice! Make your plan to vote in the 2018 elections right now at and then tell your Florida friends and family by sharing this.

We will be updating to include early voting locations and Election Day polling places as they become available.

Thanks for being an informed and engaged Florida voter.