Did your state legislator get an A...or an F?

By Mark Ferrulo - June 19, 2018

Do you know how your state representative or state senator voted on the major issues impacting you, your family and community? Too often this information is hard to find or scattered around. This makes it frustrating and difficult to get a comprehensive picture of how your legislators are actually voting. Are they representing the people...or just the powerful? That’s why we launched the People First Report Card last year and are proud to announce our 2018 Report Card today.

See how your Florida state legislators scored in the 2018 People First Report Card and then help inform other Floridians by sharing it.

We scored each Florida state legislator and gave them a percentage score and a letter grade from A-F based on a series of votes on key issues that matter to Floridians including: the economy, our public schools, clean water, gun safety, consumer protection, reproductive rights and more.

Simply click on a legislator’s profile and you’ll see their report card for the 2018 legislative session. You can look at last year’s report card as well and compare. It looks like this:

Did your state legislators score an A or B, were they average, or did they get a failing grade? See for yourself and then share this important People First Report Card with friends and family.

We think you'll find the People First Report Card to be an invaluable resource to get informed about which legislators are fighting for everyday Floridians, and which ones consistently side with powerful special interests.

For progress,

Mark, Ray, Amy, Damien and the rest of the Progress Florida team

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