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Floridians threatened with Trumpcare again

By Mark Ferrulo - September 21, 2017

Republicans in the US Senate have given their health care plan a different name “Graham-Cassidy”, but it’s almost entirely the same old, disastrous, morally reprehensible health care bill that was defeated by one vote in July. It’s on a fast track for a vote and your voice is needed right now.

Write your member of Congress and Sen. Rubio today urging them to vote against the latest version of the Republican health care bill.

Like the previous plan, the Graham-Cassidy Republican health care plan would:

  • Eliminate the federal requirement that insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions, leaving this up to individual states where protections are not guaranteed.
  • Gut Medicaid and threaten health care for millions of Florida children and hardworking families, and seniors in nursing homes.
  • Cost up to 32 million Americans their health insurance.

We can’t let this bill become law, which would cost millions of Floridians their health care.

Take action and urge your member of Congress and Sen. Rubio to vote against the Republican health care bill.

Thanks for taking quick action to protect the health care so many of our friends and neighbors rely on.