The next health care battle: Florida’s kids

By Mark Ferrulo - August 10, 2017

You’d think funding health coverage for millions of children would be at the top of the list for our elected representatives. Think again. If President Trump gets his way in Congress, children's’ health care is on the chopping block. The deadline for reauthorizing the critical Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is next month. Let’s join our voices together and make this a priority for our representatives in Congress.

Sign the petition to Florida’s congressional delegation: reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance program next month and protect coverage for 2.4 million Florida kids.

What happens if Congress doesn’t reauthorize funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program next month? Millions of kids could lose their health care coverage.

Today, the Children’s Health Insurance Program covers nearly 9 million children nationwide, including 2.4 million children here in Florida. Created in 1997, CHIP was a bipartisan compromise designed to reduce the number of uninsured children. It worked: between 1997 and 2016, the uninsured rate for children fell from 14% to 5%. In Florida, we know CHIP as Florida KidCare, which offers comprehensive medical and dental services along with real health security for children and their families.

President Trump and his enablers in Congress have proposed reauthorizing the Children’s Health Insurance Program, but with new changes and conditions on the program which would amount to a 20% cut. In addition to this unconscionable cut, children’s health care has also been delayed by the debate over the disastrous Republican health care plan. With the GOP’s plans currently mothballed, it's time to focus on ensuring our children receive the health care they need.

Tell Florida’s congressional delegation there should be no cuts and no more delays in reauthorizing children’s health care. Add your name to the petition.

Millions of children are counting on voices like yours to ensure they receive quality health coverage. Thanks for lending your voice.