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Where's Marco?

By Mark Ferrulo - June 1, 2017

Millions of Florida children, seniors, and families have health care today through the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid. The Republican health care plan has put their future in doubt. Where's Sen. Marco Rubio in all this? Releasing vague press statements and avoiding his constituents.

Call Sen. Rubio today at 202-224-3041 and tell him to vote no on the Republican health care plan.

Earlier this week, protesters gathered at Sen. Rubio's district offices throughout the state to share their health care stories and talk with participants and the media about why the Republican health care plan would be a disaster. Sen. Rubio was nowhere to be found of course. It's certainly difficult to defend such a terrible bill that would do so much damage:

  • Approximately 23 million Americans would lose health care coverage by 2026 according to the Congressional Budget Office.
  • States would be allowed to exempt insurance plans from having to cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Those with pre-existing conditions along with seniors would face skyrocketing premiums.

Instead of doing everything possible to avoid this issue and concerned Floridians, Sen. Rubio should step up.

Call Sen. Rubio at 202-224-3041 and tell him to oppose this disastrous health care bill.

Calls, letters, and protests nearly stopped the Republican health care bill in the House of Representatives, forcing multiple Republicans to oppose the bill. We must keep the pressure on in the US Senate and continue to let our elected officials know we're watching them closely on this critical issue affecting millions of Floridians.