Best of the Blogs: Raking In

By Jon Bleyer - December 2, 2016

Progress Florida's Best of the Blogs for the week ending 12-2-16
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Massive Rate Increase Lands FPL On Naughty List
By Alissa Jean Schafer
CleanEnergy Footprints
Christmas may be 25 days away, but it came early for the state’s biggest power company, Florida Power and Light (FPL). 

20 Years of GOP Rule Of The Florida Legislature
By Kartik Krishnaiyer
The Florida Squeeze
I’m somewhat surprised we have not gotten more commemorations because this week’s organizational session marked 20 years since the GOP captured complete control of the Florida Legislature.

Big Sugar's Toxic Mercury Connection
By Gimleteye
Eye On Miami
It is not a secret that toxic mercury is pervasive in South Florida nor its causes, including the conversion of a non-toxic form of mercury into the lethal form through the introduction of fertilizer and sulfur laden runoff from sugar fields into the Everglades.