Health care: one way or another

By Mark Ferrulo - June 8, 2015

I have some news to share regarding our fight to expand health care. Last Friday, Florida House Republicans voted down a bipartisan plan to close Florida’s coverage gap and expand health care to nearly a million hardworking Floridians. Despite this setback, the health care fight will continue, and we've made some important progress:

  • At the start of this year, health care expansion was expected to be a back burner issue that would receive little attention. In just a few months, it became the biggest issue of the legislative session.
  • The Florida Senate approved health care expansion on a strong bipartisan vote, with only three senators voting against.
  • Last Friday's vote was the first ever floor vote on a bill relating to health care expansion in the Florida House.
  • Four House Republicans broke with their leadership to vote for health care expansion.

None of this would have been possible without all the rallies, petitions, phone calls, and actions you took part in. Health care expansion will remain a major issue in Florida because of grassroots pressure.

The reality is this: there are nearly a million of our friends and neighbors who fall into the Florida health care coverage gap. This problem isn't going away and will only grow more serious as federal funds to assist uncompensated care end and the momentum for a permanent solution becomes unstoppable. Florida House Republicans have only extended the fight, they haven't ended it.

We're committed to the fight to end Florida's immoral coverage gap and provide our fellow Floridians with the care they need. Thanks for all you do.

PS: The next legislative session gets underway in just a few months. If you believe that together we must keep up the fight to expand health care and hold opponents accountable, chip in $15 or more todayThanks again.