Best of the Blogs: Who Wins

Progress Florida Education Institute’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 3-7-14
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By Gimleteye
Eye On Miami
There will soon be an opportunity to redress the mistake of electing Gov. Rick Scott to governor of Florida.
By Daniel Tilson
As reported today by WFTS TV News, a broad coalition of middle-class Floridians in Tampa Bay and more than a dozen other cities statewide will mark today’s start of the 2014 legislative session by joining in on “Awake The State” rallies.
By Kartik Krishaiyer
The Florida Squeeze
As Republican legislators gear up once again to expand school “choice” in the state of the Florida, the Miami Herald’s Kathleen McGrory has exposed the movement once again as far from being organic and grassroots oriented as the proponents of these odious proposals often claim.
By Phil Ammann
Saint Petersblog
Voting with mail-in ballots through drop-off sites across the state could be restricted, in a bill drafted by the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee.
By Patience Burke
Tame The Gorilla
Last week, I found myself wondering who really benefits from the many millions of dollars that are raised and spent by super PACs.