Best of the Blogs: Waking Up

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 5-23-14
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How South Florida Is Ignoring The State’s Leading Politicians And Taking On Climate Change
By Katie Valentine
Think Progress
Susanne Torriente remembers waking up on Thanksgiving morning in 2012 and discovering that four blocks of Florida’s main coastal highway had washed away overnight.

FPL a Leader on Solar Energy?
By George Cavros
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
In a recent blog post, I questioned FPL’s leadership on solar power and the scale and design of a recently announced voluntary “community-based” solar program.

Rick Scott’s Hypocrisy On The VA And His Refusal To Expand Medicaid
By Martha Jackovics
Beach Peanuts
Rick Scott was busy today joining the Republican Party in placing all the blame for the problems in lack of care and deaths through the Veterans Administration at President Obama’s feet while ignoring his own party’s part in all of it.

Sen. John Thrasher is exactly the wrong choice for FSU President
By Ryan Ray
The Florida Squeeze
We began hearing that Sen. Thrasher was a shoe-in to replace Dr. Eric Barron as President of Florida State University soon after Barron’s departure, but with Tuesday’s formal nomination by Sandy D’Alemberte and the recent news that the search committee advised by higher education expert Bill Funk is suspending its mission until it meets with Thrasher for an interview, it seems it may be all over but the shoutin’ when it comes to the Rules Chair’s anointment.

Pollution Is Ruining Florida’s Springs
By David Guest
Earth Justice
Florida has more than 900 freshwater springs, thought to be the largest concentration on Earth.