Best of the Blogs: Wake-up Call

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 10-24-14
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12 Days Out And Too Tired To Think Of A Pithy Title
By Steve Schale
With three days in the early voting books, lets take a quick look at where we are today in the Florida Governor’s race.

Governor: I Don’t Know What The Minimum Wage Should Be Because ‘The Private Sector Decides Wages’
By Bryce Covert
Think Progress
In a gubernatorial debate Tuesday night, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) was asked whether he supports the concept of a minimum wage.

2014 is Already Drastically Different than 2010 – Will that be enough?
By Katy Burnett
The Florida Squeeze
The 2010 election has left a deep scar in the collective memory of progressives around the state. 

The Scorched Earth Propaganda Campaign to Demonize Florida’s Voucher Challenge
By Bob Sikes
Scathing Purple Musings
Perhaps the advocates of Florida’s school voucher program senses real danger in the lawsuit which is challenging the constitutionality the law.

Business Leaders Agree: Florida Needs A Clean Energy Wake-up Call
By Jeannie McKinney
CleanEnergy Footprints
It is no secret that clean energy advocates, from those of us at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to Conservatives for Energy Freedom founder Debbie Dooley, think that Floridians are being cheated out of their right to produce clean, sustainable solar energy.