Best of the Blogs: Two Tales

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 5-10-13
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Governor Rick Scott should veto HB 655
By Kartik Krishnaiyer
The Political Squeeze
Governor Scott made an effort publicly to expand Medicaid coverage in Florida but as we learned recently he made little effort to push the House to his position on this issue.

Florida Legislature Refuses To Extend Medicaid Coverage To One Million Low-Income People
By Tara Culp-Ressler
Think Progress
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R), an ardent Obamacare opponent, surprised health care reform advocates earlier this year when he endorsed expanding his state’s Medicaid program.

Florida’s Lawmakers Test the Null Hypothesis on Medicaid Expansion
By Gary Stein
Huffington Post
In science and statistical analysis it is called “Testing the Null Hypothesis.”

Florida Legislature “Lets Liberty Ring” With More Gunshots
By Martha Jackovics
Beach Peanuts
The 2013 session of the Florida legislature dealt with 15 gun bills.

Florida Springs; Alexander and Silver Glen
By Dell-Roy
Phillip’s Natural World 2.0
Separated by less than 20 miles along Highway 19 in Florida’s Ocala National Forest are two of Florida’s first magnitude (more than 100 cubic feet per second flow) springs.