Best of the Blogs: Scott Gap

Progress Florida Education Institute’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 4-11-14
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By Martha Jackovics
Beach Peanuts
Six people in Florida will die every day while state Republicans refuse to expand Medicaid.
By Dr. Stephen A. Smith
CleanEnergy Footprints
I’m not going to mince words here – the political process in Tallahassee is “utterly broken” and corrupt.
By Gimleteye
Eye On Miami
Biscayne Bay is an extraordinary place. When I’m on the bay, looking back at the Miami skyline, I feel a palpable sense of joy.
By Vin Fl
Rick Scott and our tea party legislature have been OBSESSED with kicking off the three liberal justices on Florida’s Supreme Court.
By Kartik Krishnaiyer
The Florida Squeeze
Perhaps no piece of legislation has been more damaging to the ideal of the American dream than Ronald Reagan’s irresponsible tax cuts passed in 1981.