Best of the Blogs: Real Cause

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 3-8-13
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Special thanks to Ben Kirby of The Spencerian, a Best of the Blogs favorite. We’ll miss all the great writing and insight he’s provided “thinking Floridians” over the years while he gives his keyboard an extended rest.

Weatherford’s Family Relied On Medicaid, Which He’s Now Denying Floridians
By Martha Jackovics
Beach Peanuts
There are at least three things that you can count on today’s Republicans for being consistent on: Pushing tax cuts for the wealthy, obstruction, and stunning hypocrisy.

Private Prison Executive Isn’t Telling The Truth About GEO’s Record Of Juvenile Abuse
By Nicole Flatow
Think Progress
In the wake of the announcement that Florida Atlantic University would name its football stadium after private prison corporation GEO Group for a hefty price, an executive at the company is disseminating false and misleading information about the firm’s practices and documented abuses at its facilities.

Dozens Converge on Downtown Tampa to Resist Voter Suppression
By Ryan Ray
The Florida Squeeze
As our Capitol slowly devolves into an open-air slaughterhouse for good ideas and majoritarian rule, lousy with graft and openly hostile to the public trust like no time since the regime of the Pork Choppers, a loose-knit group of lefties the state over is standing athwart Florida history yelling “Enough already!”

Mainstream press avoids real cause of man-swallowing Florida sinkholes
By Gimleteye
Eye on Miami
One may pray that Florida voters will eventually make the connection between water managers, beholden to special interests, and district board members, appointed by the governor they elect, and sinkholes like the one that recently claimed the life of a Tampa area man named Jeff Bush.

Scott’s Florida Medicaid plan hits legislative snag
By Joan McCarter
Daily Kos
So it turns out Florida’s legislature is even more extremist than Gov. Rick Scott.