Best of the Blogs: Race Drivers

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 9-26-14
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The Race for Attorney General in Florida: Issues, Ground Games, and Money
By Katy Burnett
The Florida Squeeze
The race for attorney general is getting far less press attention than the dogfight for Governor between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist, however, the implications of this race could be just as important for the people of Florida.

On the ballot in November: state sponsored cronyism
By Gimelteye
Eye On Miami
There is slightly more than a month until the November election. Are you going to vote?

Marriott Employee Says She Was Fired For Running For Office
By Josh Israel
Think Progress
Viviana Janer, a senior manager who had worked for Marriott Vacations Worldwide for 11 years, was fired on Friday.

1 teacher reminds us voices have power
By Kathleeno2014
The Edvocate Blog
Real heroes don’t seek glory. Seldom rich, they’re the first to give.

Attack of the Kochtopus in Florida
By Dr. Stephen A. Smith
CleanEnergy Footprints
We have always known we are up against powerful and wealthy adversaries in the fight to promote clean energy, but now we have proof that we’re really ruffling some dirty feathers.