Best of the Blogs: Keeping Score

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 5-30-14
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Rick Scott’s “Not A Scientist?” He’s Also Not Florida’s CEO, And Shouldn’t Be A Shareholder
By Martha Jackovics
Beach Peanuts
In case you’re keeping score, Rick Scott’s latest reason for ignoring climate change is the same as one of the many used by national punch line Marco Rubio recently: “I’m not a scientist.”

Jeb Bush gets a free pass in Sunday New York Times … ALL the news that’s fit to print? Whatever.
By Gimleteye
Eye On Miami
Anyone familiar with the record of Jeb Bush’s two terms as Florida governor will be rubbing their eyes at the recent NY Times profile depicting Bush as “an intellectual in search of new ideas, a serial consulter of outsiders who relishes animated debate and a probing manager who eagerly burrows into the bureaucratic details.”

Florida Chamber’s Directors – asleep at the switch?
By Sandspur
SWFWMD Matters
Mark Wilson, Pres. and CEO of the Florida Chamber wrote a 742-word Op-ed piece for the Tampa Bay Times today.

“Busy Boys, Little Ladies” – Wait, What Decade Are We In Again?
By Galen Sherwin
Blog Of Rights
Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida, signed legislation earlier this week that would provide professional development for teachers in “single-gender” classrooms.

Not a Gentleman, but Still an Officer… State Attorney Protects Prosecutor’s Offensive Remarks about Sonia Sotomayor
By Daliah Lugo
In our legal system, lawyers are deemed to be “officers of the court”.