Best of the Blogs: Full Swing

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 5-24-13
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Florida Progressives need to make environmental issues a bigger priority
By Kartik Krishnaiyer
The Florida Squeeze
Last year a coalition of Environmental Groups launched a petition drive to place a constitutional amendment on the 2014 ballot that would guarantee a consistent source of money for environmental protection.

Exonerated Inmates: Florida Bill To Speed Up Executions Would Have Cost Us Our Lives
By Nicole Flatow
Think Progress
Several exonerated men whose innocence of murder was proven years after they were sentenced to death are imploring Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) not to sign a Florida bill that would set automatic timelines for imposing the death penalty, and likely would have resulted in the execution of these and other innocent people.

Thinking about water and conflict
By Gimleteye
Eye on Miami
Taxpayers view cheap, affordable water as a right. We pay the water utility bill and expect copious clean water to drink, flush and clean.

Falling in love with another girl lands Florida teen in criminal jeopardy
By Joan McCarter
Daily Kos
Florida teen Kaitlyn Hunt, 18, is seeing her young life turned upside down and her future jeopardized simply because she fell in love.

Michelle Rhee’s Pattern of Deceptive Marketing
By Bob Sikes
Scathing Purple Musings
Just days after PBS reporter John Merrow blew the door off Michelle Rhee’s cover-up of widespread cheating that occurred on her DC watch, she looked for a like-minded crowd of education reform partisans for comfort and affirmation.